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How You Feel Lyrics

Go herd. Hit the block in the chev I got thump in the trunk. Feeling good off the wood in the hood and I'm fizz? Kind of annoyed they always trying to take a boy back to prison.

Mac Dre - Fire Lyrics | SongMeanings

They hate to see a playa, employ yourself. They hate to see a playa, enjoy yourself. When I'm side? I'm 29 with many rimes and love at soul. I'm a ho, Bust it raw with the words I serve. Every tape I make baby learns the words.

Mac Dre:3C Romp Lyrics

Young Mac Dre, got to give to get. Hate a reasy who give easy like she look at some zags.

I'm on the celli telli trying to get some roll from Nelly. Need it very smelly, fitin to go chunk for the telli.

It's on, fitin to go blow a zone to the dome. Tone Capone got the bong in this bomb weed song.

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Puffin' the smoke in the air. Blowin' it big like a playa playa. Cheech and Chong on a spree. Blowin' it big, come smoke with me. Them pimped out gangsta-ism tactics, Spinnin' all over my gun like a blacksmith. Them bitches belligerent actor, see the chiropractor. But I crack yeah neck, back to the scene.

Tell Me How It Feels- Mac Dre

Blow 'em to smithereens like the things I done seen. In my everyday smoking out ritual, regular ooh thing. Walking down the street with a gangsta limp and demon jeans.

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Me and some squalls, and smile bling, bling. I just want to lean. Why I don't chugalug this Then jump in block park homie for the block smok-ie. Smoking the ounce of that bomb bay every day. When I ain't got it, I'm moody and cranky. What the dilly, what's really, what's down that filly? We can old school with a zag, blow bags in the dilly? Is you silly? Never throw the dubbe away.

Guide To Mac Dre

Lace no dank when you're blowin? Trying to cope with this stress, so I blow big. How can the bulletproof vest protect my wig? See them cutthoat fools, done changed the roles. The public got it twisted and we blame the news. Got game for fools, 'Cause I hang with fools, That got game to use, And maintain the roles. Keep it real dog, but represent what's rite. Be a real hog when you bless the mic. Smoke big live long, and get yo pringles.

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Young Learch and Mac Dre making hit rap singles. Rapper gone bad.