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To learn more about the iXpand Flash Drive go to www. Once the app launches, you can set the app to automatically back up photos and videos from your camera roll to the drive. The app also makes it easy to watch videos or listen to music directly from the drive. All rights reserved. MOV video formats. DRM-protected content cannot be streamed. Check with the content provider for playback restrictions.

Refinements, bug fixes and onboarding changes to the application. We hope you like this release! I bought this device for backing up my iPhone.

Everything seemed fine, the backup was flawless and quick, the ability to either use the pre created folders or giving you the ability to create new ones and even the automatic backup when connected. Everything sounds good, no?

Well, not quite. I checked on the app, but there is no option to turn that off. I checked online and it seems that it was a unilateral decision from Sandisk to change the naming convention a while ago and despite all the complaints from unhappy customers, Sandisk does not seem to listen to what the people is asking for.

And for that, my rating is 3 out of 5. Why does it take forever?

SanDisk Ultra® USB 3.0 Flash Drive

In the file manager are stupid pictures of supposedly hip people that take up an enormous amount of space, instead of a clean file management interface that uses the space well. Structurally, there are other issues.

The USB connector end of the drive is exposed, with no protective cap. The Lightning connector end of the drive has a teeny tiny cap, about the size of a pea, making it easy to misplace. A similar issue exists if the application crashes when the user has a file open. In standard operation this directory is not emptied unless the user explicitly empties it, either by deleting the content manually or using some other utility. Thus a user who uses SecureAccess fairly regularly is much more likely to end up with some plain-text copies of their files sat on their disk.

After discovering this issue I reported it to the vendor, SanDisk , on the 5th of November and waited for a response.

USB Flash Drives

I received the initial response from the vendor in just six days which stated the following:. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your feedback and pointing this out for us to know. We need to write a clean copy of the file to some temp space where applications like Word and Excel can access them, and where they can be checked by a virus scanner before they are opened.

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This implies that they are unencrypted and accessible at that specific moment, otherwise Word and Excel cannot work on then. When the application closes, the file should be removed. When the file is locked, there is no way we can remove it or shred it.

How to Protect Files in a Sandisk USB Flash Drive with Sandisk Secureaccess on Mac

The OS prevents this. When this happens, the user gets a popup warning telling him that the file could not be deleted. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any other concerns. They also state that the user would receive a pop-up telling them that the file could not be deleted, however this was not the case in any of my testing. I followed up on their response outlining this, and that the application should at least give a warning or ideally refuse to exit if it is unable to remove any temporary files it creates, but was met with the following response:.

Thank you for the continued response. We value your feedback and please allow me to inform you that we have discuss this issue with the engineers and it is not a vulnerability, we have confirmed with the engineers that the software works as programmed.