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There were several sightings reported of terrorists trying to escape the plantations in Lahad Datu. Please click the photos for larger images Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid showed reporters a photograph of seven dead terrorists at the scene. Like this: Like Loading Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. Bunn Negara A foreign problem that became Sabah's. International Affairs 67 , RSIS Commentaries 44 , Sudostasien actuell pp.

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Available from: - sanggah-replaces-ops-daulat. Gomez J Six police, seven assailants killed amid Malaysian siege. Washington Examiner , 3 Mac Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia Putrajaya. Available from: http:.

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Never the less they are very dangerous and have access and already proven their capability to terrorise in the most horridly unimaginable ways for Malaysians. Even if some of these dangerous bandits were captured alive, it is unimaginable on whether the authorities could really understand how big could the threat be.

Some of the Sulu kumpit boats are powered with engines that enable them to speed of in excess of 40 knots, in shallow waters and over coral reefs. Malaysia have already seen the solution to this. In fighting against the communist rebellion in Malaya was getting out of hand and the authorities were unable to differentiate between the bandits and their sympathizers, WWII war veteran Gen. It was about isolating the rebels from their supporters and cutting off their supply chain.

That enabled better understanding of the population and information was also used for the intelligence work for the war against the insurgency. The villages that were inherent threat as supply lines to the communist rebels were restructured. The combination of intelligence and restructured of the movement and close monitoring of the population saw the threat of communism greatly reduced and success drove into economic growth and eventually Kemerdekaan. It should be designed to address the terrorist cells that might exist within the multielthnicity and complexity of the Sulu and other Filipino related communities within Sabah.

This would eliminate if ever any of these Sulu bandit cells, who have been notorious in the guerrilla warfare against the Phillipines the past 45 years, want to institute the same fight in Sabah. All access and trade between them and the Phillipines and Indonesia be cut off or restricted. This is because these dangerous bandits ply between these routes and weapons and supply lines are also via these channels.

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That would also get the Sulu and related communities in the Phillipines and Indonesia that ply between the triangle be affected and demand and ensure that all the armed personnel within them on their side be dismantled. This armed rebellion and terrorism in the Sulu and Celebes seas must end now that peace accord been achieved last October and Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao has been established. All these communities strive should towards the future via trade and economic activities.

A Briggs Plan for Sabah would also give the opportunity for restructuring some of the settlements which are prone to be base and supply lines for the Sulu armed bandits.

With the exception of a few odd balls and deviant Malaysians in their sinister political agenda, the majority rallied behind the Federal Government, the Police and Armed Forces in their effort to end the terrorism in Lahad Datu, Semporna and sporadic places in East Sabah. The should also support a long term solution to ensure that this does not happen again. Bernama report on the Special Security Area announcement. RSS feed for comments on this post. Ask him, as a Secretary General of UN is that what he supposed to say when a large number of terrorist carry out an armed attack on a member nation?

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Ban Ki Moon wants to be seen doing his job. It must have been prepared by a bloke in his office who does not know much, has not read much of what has been going on in Sabah. Stupid bloke does not even know the UN bread and butter function — to ensure no violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the plus member nations.


Ban Ki Moon himself could have instructed a more responsible staff member to have fine-tuned the statement. Or was Ban too preoccupied with other major world issues like Syria to have left the release of the statement to one of his staff members. Ban should have chosen a better person than one who just issues statements for parties to talk their problems out, not knowing we are dealing with militants, even terrorists, as they even mutilated the bodies of our fallen heroes.

There is no such thing as a ceasefire with bandits. They surrender and face the law or they will be killed. Itu saja. They have brutally murdered our policemen. Please Bigdog, ask Zahid not to etertain anything. No ceasefire should come from his mouth.!!!!! Hishamuddin kata mereka ini pendatang haram ,hantar pasokan polis untok mengawasi mereka. Besoknya Hishamiddin membuat kenyataan akhbar supaya jangan dengar khabar angin.

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Pasokan polis pergi tanpa persediaan yang cukup. Bila sudah berlaku pertemporan dan dua anggota polis mati terbunoh di Lahat Datu,baru menteri Panic. Baru di panggil angkatan tentera. Sabenarnya kita memang tidak bersedia.