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Be on the same page with Office for Mac and Office for Windows, including new features in Office Whether you're looking to share files or work together online, now you can do it with complete confidence, knowing that Office for Mac is most compatible with Office for Windows. With Office being used on more than 1 billion Macs and PCs worldwide, you can work with practically anyone you want, how you want, wherever you want-with no worries.

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Please try again later. Platform: Mac Disc Verified Purchase. Provides all the functionality of the original versions on a Windows machine for your Mac. I use Excel quite heavily, and find the user interface a little different from the Windows version. There's a bit of a learning curve to use all the features of Excel. My spreadsheets are very large 40, rows , and it is not unusual for the program to crash on the Mac the Mac is fine, but Excel quits. Also, some operations a search-and-replace on those 40, rows, for example seem to take some time on my iMac.

The same macro on the same spreadsheet runs super quick on my old and slow Windows laptop. Have only used Word a little bit, seems ok. Likewise I've never experienced any problems with Powerpoint for Mac. Apple's Numbers won't even begin to touch my huge spreadsheets; Keynote is great but when I make presentations a copy in Powerpoint is always necessary and not everything converts properly from Keynote.

So if you need the Office applications this will work just fine for you. But think about your needs. If you have a Mac, there are some very good options already available. First off I should mention that I am not a power user of Office products, so there is no way I can discuss some of the more advanced features. I can say that I have tried all three applications and have had no stability issues.

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I have many very old documents that have been opened without issue by the new product. And I have no issues with the user interface. Since I installed the product a month ago there have already been two updates, which I find to be encouraging as it shows that Microsoft is actively maintaining this version despite its age. I don't plan on using the web document sharing capabilities although I can see where this would be very useful for those needing to collaborate on document development.

My only concern is the licensing strategy, I have read that if you install the product on a single Mac, but have two users on that Mac, it uses up two of the licenses.

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Having two Macs at home, and my wife and I sharing them both, would mean we need four licenses if we want to use Office. I would much prefer that it be licensed for three machines, not three users. I have also read that it is difficult to activate the product again if you replace your Mac - apparently you need to go through Microsoft to deal with that issue and it isn't an easy process.

Having said all that, I haven't experienced any licensing issues yet myself but have read of numerous issues on various online forums.

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Let me begin by saying that I am in general not a big fan of Microsoft products. I like applications that are only as complex as they need to be, and that focus upon real typical patterns of usage rather than endless lists of "features" that I will never use, because I like to get things done. IMHO most Microsoft products do not meet those criteria and display poor design judgement; they appear dated in a world that is rapidly surpassing them in elegance and openness. I would thus be unlikely choose Microsoft Office as a primary productivity suite based purely upon the functionality and design of the product.

Everything works, but not any better than products like iWork. No, the primary reason to have Microsoft Office for Mac is simply to have coherence with others who are still using Microsoft Office for Windows in as painless a manner as is possible. In this respect and others, Office for Mac is a huge step forward relative to Office for Mac.

For a company with the enormous resources of Microsoft, Office was simply insulting. They own the document formats we call "Office", they could create applications that faithfully represent them on darn near anything if they chose to do so. In Office they finally appear to fulfill upon that promise. Office for Mac faithfully reproduces the experience of Office for Windows, with the "Ribbon" toolbar really a re-imagined use of a tabbed UI in addition to the familiar Mac menubar. Features such as alpha channels on images are finally brought to par, and VBA returns to Excel for those who need it.

The suite feels fast and responsive.

Most importantly, Office does a proper job of creating and editing documents that is wholly consistent with the Windows version. Gone are the headaches with table formatting, vector graphics, wacky bullet points and lost transparencies in images. It works, which means I can dispense with that copy of Windows7 in VMware that is chewing up so much space on my hard drive.

Bottom line: If you are working and collaborating using complex documents created in Office for Windows, Office for Mac at last allows you to do this easily and seamlessly. The caveat is that this should never have been a problem in the first place.