Mac smb slow file transfer

I run an all windows shop but have just purchased a new Macbook Air running Mojave.

Performance both with transfers and streaming is terrible to the point of being unusable. I see some very old posts regarding SMB signing and performance issues and am hoping to get the more current info regarding compatibility. I am leaning in the direction of returning the laptop but just cant believe that these products are not compatible.

Our Network Topology

It's almost definitely the SMB encryption. My data was recognized and mounted on my desktop in minutes. I did add two additional hard drives. The expansion and consistency check took forever. The 8T HD took 20 hours and the 10T drive took 24 hours.

Fix slow access of Windows SMB share from Mac OS

The j is older technology that is slow and non expandable. I stream, movies, TV shows and music. All okay.

Retrospective Notes

I also have a slower computer than the Air. The laptop isn't broken, it'll be a technical issue somewhere along the line. Are you connecting via wifi? Is it the same setup as all the windows hosts?

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Thanks for the reply. All machines are hardwired GB. The Mac and windows machines are provisioned the same.

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Both my Mojave machines with a Synology are fine and I use wifi I'd add that it's worth checking your network speeds with an app like LAN Speed Test the lite version is fine. All the machines have SMB signing disabled as per Apple's recommendation. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Fix slow access of Windows SMB share from Mac OS - Windows Server - Spiceworks

Asked 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 4k times. The problem is really specific to SMB on Mac. Other suggestions I came across, which of course made no difference: Using IP addresses instead of hostnames. What version of Samba are you running on your server?

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Is there any way for you to test a High Sierra or Mojave client? Unfortunately, I can not try other Mac versions now.

There might be a notebook with a higher MacOS version, but without 10G, and without fast enough disks anyway.