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The new OS X In case you want to upgrade your Mac to macOS Just to name a few.

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So, if you were on the fence about upgrading to Sierra, our advice is yes, do upgrade. It promises to be a great OS. As with the previous versions, the latest macOS with be available on a limited list of Mac models. Here are the models of Macs that compatible with macOS Cool, eh? Disk space : 8 GB of free space on drive. In the same About this Mac menu select "Storage" tab. In front of the multi-colored bar, you will see the phrase, "X. As before, download page info includes this installation note.

The installer also requires rebooting the system after the installation process.

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Do not launch any other applications until the process is complete and the system has been rebooted. New in Release The "Additional Information" tab on the download page has a step-by-step install guide.

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  5. If a previous version is installed, use software update in System Prefs. If you use Nvidia's web graphics drivers for UTC on Nov 3, Addresses an issue where the calendar complication may not display events. Certainly was the first Retail release that could be installed on both.

    Some more comments next to each release, as well as a link to the Knowledge Base article would be useful additions. Get a small one to try it out and stick your toe in the water.

    How To Update Your Mac

    You will not regret it at all. There were separate releases for Intel and PPC Updates after this were listed as Universal for those that had started with a The only two that are missing are the two non-releases in the list Rob, very useful information! This is a tremendous help for our Tech Support Dept when trying to quickly communicate with our on-campus users.

    View All Your Software Updates in OS X Mountain Lion

    And I need to upgrade to the newest. How and where can I get this done pretty quick. Thank you so much. Thank you!

    Apple's next-generation macOS operating system, unveiled at WWDC in June.

    I did not find this useless, I found it very helpful. Managing resources at a university with a myriad of versions everywhere, it gets confusing and this is helpful just to sort out what is compatible with what! Very useful actually! El Capitan The largest non-combo update was No idea why this one was so large.

    You have What will be the first update to pass 2 GB? Probably when we get 8K iMacs?

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    Great analysis. Yet, nothing is perfect, and a picture graph is worth a thousand words or tables. You realize I created those graphs too, right? But what type of graphs were you thinking of, if not the two that are already here or the rate of update charts? Thanks for the clear list of the versioning of OS X. Could this be another column? Cheers, Dean. What about the macOS High Sierra Thanks, fixed!