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There are numerous ways in which you can use this action.

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Here are a few examples. They can be found in the examples folder included with the distribution, too. A simple workflow to copy files to your web server and copying their URLs to the clipboard. Excellent for quickly posting files on your site.

6 Best FTP Clients for Mac and Windows Users ()

A handy workflow to resize images for the web and upload them to your standard image folder on your server. Note: this workflow copies the temporary images to a temporary folder. To get this to work, make sure the path the the folder is correct. This workflow is designed to run as an iCal alarm. Can enable a server connection as a normal disk in your Finder.

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All 6. Easy and intuitive user interface. Upgraded to High Sierra, and there's an iCloud conflict when using Cyberduck.

Platforms: Windows, Mac. Free to download. Dedicated FTP app that performs well. S3 and WebDav. Recommend 35 My Rec ommendation for Filezilla.

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My Recommendation for Filezilla. All Non-native user interface. StudiousJumis's Experience. Platforms: Windows. It has SFTP. Difficult UI leads to steeper learning curve than alternatives.

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Free and open source. Kind of de-facto standard. It is less functional than dedicated FTP clients, but has the advantage of combining several functions in a single application.

Visit Mozilla's web site at:. It has fewer features than the dedicated FTP clients, but has the advantage of providing several services in one application.

Is FTP Secure?

Visit the Netscape web site at:. For a side-by-side comparison of the clients discussed in this document, refer to the following table. Aside from the standard functions of FTP and SFTP, all clients allow you to bookmark sites and offer at least limited support for drag and drop. Both remote servers must support this feature. It has no built-in capability to display text files, however. This is document ajeq in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Skip to: content search login.

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Install FileZilla FTP Client on Mac OSX