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Not all of these picture types are supported in all RTF readers. When a RTF document is opened in software that does not support the picture type of an inserted picture, such picture is not displayed at all. RTF writers usually convert inserted pictures from an unsupported picture types e. For better compatibility with Microsoft products, some RTF writers include the same picture in two different picture types in one RTF file: [43].

This method increases the RTF file size rapidly. The RTF specification does not require this method and there are various implementations that include pictures without the WMF copy e. Abiword or Ted.

II. How to Set the Margins in Microsoft Word 12222:

RTF supports embedding of fonts used in the document, but this feature is not widely supported in software implementations. RTF also supports generic font family names used for font substitution : roman serif , swiss sans-serif , modern monospace , script , decorative , technical. RTF specification supports annotations comments in documents since version 1.

Microsoft products do not support comments within footers, footnotes or headers. Inserting a comment within headers, footers, or footnotes may result in a corrupted RTF document.

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The RTF specification also supports footnotes not to be confused with annotations , which are widely supported in RTF implementations e. Endnotes are implemented as a variation on footnotes such that applications that support footnotes and not endnotes will render endnotes in an RTF document as footnotes. Similar to annotations, due to Microsoft products not supporting footnotes in headers, footers, or comments, including footnotes within those contexts in an RTF document may result in a corrupted document.

RTF 1. Some implementations will also not display any text inside drawing objects. For this reason, RTF was often recommended over those formats when the spread of computer viruses through macros was a concern. However, having the.

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Manual examination of a file in a plain text editor such as Notepad , or use of the file command in UNIX -like systems, is required to determine whether or not a suspect file is really RTF. DOC extension. One exploit attacking a vulnerability was patched in Microsoft Word in April It once defaulted to the Microsoft Word 6. Read support was also dropped in Windows 7.

WordPad does not support some RTF features, such as headers and footers. RTF format is also used in the Ted word processor.

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Scrivener uses individual RTF files for all the text files that make up a given "project". RTF can be used on some ebook readers because of its interoperability, [57] simplicity, and low CPU processing requirements. Pandoc is an open source document converter with multiple output formats, including RTF. The Mac OS X command line tool textutil enables files to be converted between rtf, rtfd, text, doc, docx, wordml, odt, and webarchive.

The Rich Text Format was the standard file format for text-based documents in applications developed for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft did not initially make the RTF specification publicly available, making it difficult for competitors to develop document conversion features in their applications. Because Microsoft's developers had access to the specification, Microsoft's applications had better compatibility with the format. Also, every time Microsoft changed the RTF specification, Microsoft's own applications had a lead in time-to-market, because competitors had to redevelop their applications after studying the newer version of the format.

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